Brandeis Clinica

Clinic of aesthetic medicine Brandeis is a brand new project of famous hotelier family Brandejs, the owners family of hotel Paris.

The building of the clinic is situated right next to hotel Paris in Královodvorská Street, which amplifies the strong connection between both beautiful buildings not only from the point of the historical aspects of the area itself but also because of the established strong family tradition – the tradition of highest level of services.

At Brandeis Clinic, we offer the best complex care in aesthetic medicine.

We provide treatments in the field of corrective and laser dermatology, plastic surgery or dentistry and also focus on preventive medicine.

All care is provided in accordance with the highest safety standards and in a Swiss quality.

We have everything we need to make sure you feel comfortable and confident after the treatment – unique equipment at the cutting edge of technology, a team of knowledgeable professionals and highly specialised physicians with experience from prestigious British and Swiss clinics, sophisticated comfort and stylish interiors, superior care and a warm atmosphere.

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  • The finest and most powerful equipment in the world only utilising modern technologies (Palomar, Ellman Intl, Promoitalia)
  • The patented technology was jointly developed with Harvard Medical University & General Hospital in Boston and the Laser Institute in Russia.
  • Efficiency of the machines is guaranteed by FDA certificates and dozens of clinical trials.
  • Rejuvenation using laser, botulinum toxin, filling materials, skin firming, permanent hair removal with laser, removal of scars, stretch marks, moles or acne, body shaping,, microdermabrasion, lip augmentation
  • Mesotherapy – facial rejuvenation with the Princess Rich product, microneedle therapy


  • Operating theatre and treatment room, the gentlest forms of anaesthesia, premium bedrooms
  • Laser liposuction using the most effective and safest SlimLipo machine, intimate area surgery, rhinoplasty and plastic surgery of the ears, eyelids, forehead, arms, thighs, breasts
  • Removal of varicose veins
  • Long-term removal of sweating with botulinum toxin or permanent removal with the world's most powerful and fastest depilatory laser Vectus


  • Groundbreaking treatment and laboratory system CEREC (CAD/CAM System) allows dentists to make new teeth during a single visit
  • Digital X-rays and hi-tech equipment
  • Initial examination with a consultation
  • Surgical treatment – extractions, incisions, implants
  • Veneers, crowns, bridges, fillings
  • Endodontics
  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental hygiene


Internal examinations ensure the patient's safety during and after the surgical treatment.  The role of the internist is to determine whether all the prerequisites for a smooth surgery and post-operative healing are met for each particular client. Based on a physical examination and evaluation of laboratory parameters, the physician gives consent with the surgery and may propose measures that will reduce potential risk to a minimum.

  • Targeted conversation with a physician, determining personal history
  • Comprehensive examination during a single visit
  • Blood and urine tests, ECG, bicycle ergometry
  • Sonography